The NBN and VDSL plans are currently being rolled out all over Australia. This process involves disabling the old analog lines and converting or reinstalling them as network lines.

The NBN and the use of network lines over the old analog lines is the way of the future. There are some things to consider before making the switch and one of those things is your alarm system. Generally most alarm systems are unable to communicate over the new network and NBN lines, that means your switch to VDSL or the NBN will stop your alarm system from reporting back to your monitoring provider.

Our solution? Something the industry labels a GPRS unit. A GPRS unit is a device, that when installed allows your alarm system to communicate over the mobile data Network card rather than needing the old analog lines. You no longer need to pay for the phone calls your alarm generates or the phone line rental costs your service provider charges you. More frequent polling provides a higher level of security.

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