Security 1 offers a range of security services in all capital cities around Australia. We are proud to be one of the largest Australian family-owned security companies. We are large enough to cover all of your sites around the country, but small enough to care about every client and their security needs. Our network covers all of Australia including Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth. As a security system company, Security 1 offers you a range of security services to best suit your needs. We use the latest technology from around the world. Your security is our number 1 priority.

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We wish you to feel peace of mind, whether or not you are at home. With so many elements of our lives changing, and as we spend more time online, risks to our security are also increasing. So, as one of the leading security company in Australia, we provide first-rate services and even more means to stay protected. Whether you want to install a residential security system or need to switch from your current security firm, these are our prime service highlights for you:
  • Security1 provides fully licensed employees and authentic technology. The service keeps you connected with your home or business remotely, gives you control and monitoring facilities, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • Our Graded Monitoring Center will provide 24/7 support as well for any queries, there’ll always be one staff on the end of the line to aid you.
  • Our comprehensive service solution of modern alarm monitoring services, highly experienced operators and personalised security response services make us a decisive partner for home and business owners.
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Security1 provides first-rate security solutions to protect your family and assets. We are dealing with domestic, commercial and government clients inside Australia.
Only Security1 offers an extensive service and maintenance plan for every home security service in Australia. So, while other services may appear more reasonable, the cost of maintaining your alarm in crucial conditions can soon add up.
We extend customised home and commercial security services which are designed around you and your home. From systems that observe your pets to our cutting edge smart security services app, for us security is always special.

When the home alarm system installed in your possession reacts to an emergency situation, the control panel is activated. A unit within that panel is encoded with different alarm signals and other vital information. This data consists of your private account number and the type of activities being monitored – for example, break-in, fire, panic, medical, and/or other emergencies.

At the time of alarm activation, the control panel connects with your existing telephone line and delivers your system’s coded alarm signs to the Central Monitoring Station. Always try to include alarm systems in your residential security system for better protection.

A reliable home security system in Australia can assist you with system configuration, installation and home security camera system monitoring and provide economical, authoritative protection from break-in and fire, rapid response times and the best equipment. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Protect your valuable items
  • Deters crime
  • Providing remote access to your home
  • Cuts down the insurance of the homeowner
  • Get notification about fire or gas problems
  • Peace of mind

Home security systems range with many features, but the best features alone might meet your requirements. A basic residential security system includes magnetic sensors for all exposed entryways and has one or more infrared sensors to notice motion inside the house. These sensors connect to a control panel that has a loud alarm and is linked to the monitoring service, which can dispatch emergency personnel.

Also, many top-rated security companies equip keychain remote controls with their basic security system. Remote control has switches for arming the system, deactivating the system and notifying emergency personnel. Mobile applications are also available for easy control and monitor security systems.

Some of the other features are the best home security camera system, carbon monoxide detection system and energy management system.

Installing a security alarm system can actually cut down the risk of a home burglary. But without carrying out routine checkups and maintenance, you might be living with a misleading sense of security. From the batteries to the cables, checking the different components within your home security system will ensure that your system has your safety covered without any flaws.

Some of the components in your home alarm system, such as the fire alarm, operate on batteries. According to security experts, homeowners should do a fire alarm test monthly, and change the batteries as required.

Many types of security systems for homes are on the market, from simple to advanced, so discuss with a couple of security service firms in Australia specialising in home security systems to see what’s available and for what cost. You can then offset your option with your budget, but remember you get what you pay for.

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